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"Hirondelle amour", by Joan Miró

- “I do not understand what I see.”

- “You do not need to understand.”.

The first time I saw works by Miró was at the Fundació Joan Miró in Palma de Mallorca, back in 2015.

One shouldn’t aim to analyse Miró's works; it makes no sense to associate them with specific socio-political events or specific artistic categories. #Miró was a #surrealist who refused to sign the #Surrealist #Manifesto because he wished to maintain his absolute artistic independence.

Miró does not try to pass any message through his works. His 1934 painting "Hirondelle Amour" is a wonderful example of his most predominant #technique, widely known as “pure psychic #automatism” or free association. Miró plays with lines and colors, after having primed his canvas unevenly. In this #masterpiece, one can admire the colors and shapes that do not come from the real world, but directly from the artist’s imagination. Miró’s works are provocative; in their view one might feel curiosity, joy, wonder, anxiety. These works are to be perceived and enjoyed with #mindfulness and open-mindedness.

For example, in "Hirondelle Amour" I see love as a celebration that brings you warmth and joy, but at the same time implies a sort of mental fragmentation. On second thought, taking into consideration the dark colors peripherally, love might be something that eventually swallows you.

It does not matter if you do not understand what you see. All that matters is that you understand how you feel when you see them.

#surrealism #modern #psychoanalysis #experiment #freeassociation


Editor: Andriana Boubari, BA, English literature


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