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Jackson Pollock: One Number 31

- "My 5-year-old daughter can do this!"

- "Not really."

In One Number 31, the image is not the #signifier that refers to the #signified. #Pollock experiments with #automation, explores his #subconscious and uses the canvas to express his emotions, #improvising but at the same time maintaining control of the work. The image is not painted; it happened.

"New arts need new techniques. The modern artist cannot express this age; the airplane, the atom bomb, the radio, in the old forms of the Renaissance or of any other past culture." Jackson Pollock, 1950

The artist deliberately avoids any pictorial #representation and creates an artwork that conveys the preoccupations of his time. In this #masterpiece one can reflect one's loneliness, one's anxiety, one's darkest thoughts.

Fortunately, all these have nothing to do with your daughter. Your 5-year-old daughter may accidentally throw paint on the floor, but your daughter is not Pollock. At least, not yet.

#technique #modern #rhythmic #psychoanalysis #experiment


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